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PowerLink mobile lighting towers are a highly efficient power generation lighting equipment product which adopt LED lamps, which are able to cover a large lighting area while also conserving energy. Our lighting towers are perfect to use in all kinds of large-scale construction operations, mine operations, maintenance repair, accident handling, emergency relief, outdoor activities, and other fields of lighting requirement.



  • Easy to transport and operate.
  • Main components are of international quality brands, exceptionally durable and safe
  • With convenient output sockets, provide emergency power supply for other power equipment such as accessories or tools.
  • Adopt intelligent control system, automatic extend and retract of tower masts, and set up double safety protection to effectively guarantee the personal safety of operators.
  • High-degree noise reduction technology, good emission system to ensure that the equipment does not affect the surrounding environment.
  • The whole machine has a high level of safety protection, strong wind resistance, can adapt to the harsh environment on a 24/7 basis.
  • Optional for standard type, portable type lighting tower to meet the needs of different environments


Our 3 manufacturing plants across the globe ensures fast product delivery, with spare parts stock largely available and a professional R&D team behind the scenes for technical enquiries throughout pre-sales, and after-sales. We also utilise multiple online platforms as a knowledge base to support our partners.



For situations at night such as construction, mining, events, activities, film and television shooting, disaster relief site, our series of mobile lighting tower is an indispensable product providing customers with a high-power LED lamp cap reaching up to 9 metres in height after full deployment, providing a large area of lighting to the site quickly.

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